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Named by GQ magazine as one of the 100 best men's stores in America for 2006 and 2007

No, it’s not a reference to that silly relationship-survival book.
Proprietress Amy Patterson named her store Venus and Mars after the
Paul McCartney and Wings album, at the suggestion of her friend Pat
Sansone of Wilco and Autum Defense. Patterson has a sharp eye for hip fashion, further
developed by work as a stylist for film and video shoots онлайн заявка на займ. Clothing from 
the store have graced concert stages far and wide:  clientele has
included Ryan Adams, The White Stripes, 
Gillian Welch and members of Wilco, Peter Wolf, Kings Of Leon,
Matchbox 20 and Swan Dive, to name a few. Patterson shares the space with Silvery
Moon owner Angela Reed. Their charming store—a delightful 1940s
bungalow located in a burgeoning neighborhood teeming with recording
studios—is a goldmine of avant-garde vintage clothing from the 1930s to
the ’80s, jewelry, ties, cufflinks, belt buckles, vintage swimsuits and
fabulous gift items for quirky individualists.

writen by our friend: Jack Silverman

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